For “Movers & Shakers” people 

Shakers Makers is a French branding and communication agency with a true expertise in technical, economical, research, science and B2B communication activities dedicated to people shaping the future, who initiate change, who have made or will make great accomplishments, in technological, social, product innovation and research.

Shakers Makers works in French, English, and Spanish at a European and International scale to highlight your activities, increase your influence and make your ideas shine.


Knowledge Imagination Collaboration 

Thanks to its experts coming from both technical and communication worlds, Shakers Makers is drawing on a wide range of the best communication and dissemination practices to valorize your activities and drive up the performance of your business 

Shakers Makers will provide you with 360° communication solutions to build a strong visibility and reputation. Strategic communication and creativity will help publicise your work and make you profit 

“Shakers Makers is your catwalk to better position your innovations and activities to win the marketplace. We provide you with a high performing communication and dissemination plan, from strategy to operational, and network with professional people. We will give all our energy to help you push the boundaries”.
SHAKERS_MAKERS_portrait_oval_ANNE_4 • Anne Dequeker-Cormont, CEO & Founder
SHAKERS_MAKERS_portrait_oval_THAIS_2  Thaïs Boissy-Roques, Executive Managing Director & Co-founder 

Accessibility • Value • Mobilisation 

Effective and dynamic communication is one of the key success factors behind all your activities. Shakers Makers takes your business or activity very personally by providing frontline immersion, appropriation of the subjects, mobility, availability, and pro-activity.

Shakers Makers develops the clearest possible strategy thanks to a structured and methodological approach to your needs to further explore the issues and to identify the gaps. Your project valorization and dissemination start with us.

What matters most to you 

  •          Be accompanied from A to Z during the whole time of  the mission and beyond
  • Increase the success rate of your proposal
  • Draw the attention of national governments, regional authorities and other public and private funding sources to potential investments in your activities or as future partners for your activities
  • Encourage talented students and scientists to join your partner institutes and enterprises
  • Enhance your reputation and visibility at the local, national and international level
  • Help the search for financial backers, licensees or industrial implementers to exploit your work
  • Generate market demand for the products or services developed

Competence fields

Shakers Makers has strong backgrounds in specific fields 

#aeronautics  #meteorology  #environment  #education  #health


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